Combine your passion for Greek Mythology with sightseeing when on vacation in Greece. Here're four of the best mythological day trips from Athens.

Greek Mythology Tours

Greece is a country blessed with archaeological sites. Many of these sites are mentioned in the legends and stories from Greek Mythology. A core group of these sites can also be reached on day trips from Athens, making them an easy fit into any Greece vacation itinerary. Our Greek Mythology Tours from Athens are designed to give you the ultimate mythological experience. Not only will you be guided around archaeological sites by an expert guide, but you will also discover more about Greek Mythology. In addition, kids will appreciate the Percy Jackson edge to the tours, where we compare the real Greek myths with the fictional stories from the Rick Riordan books. Whether you choose to visit Delphi, The Temple of Poseidon, or Mycenae, you can be assured of a unique experience as you venture into Ancient Greece!

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Percy Jackson Delphi Tour

Are you only able to fit in one day trip from Athens? We would suggest that you make it the Percy Jackson Delphi Tour. Delphi was once considered to be the navel, or center of the ancient Greek world. It was an important center for not only pilgrims seeking prophecies from Pythia the Oracle, but also as a trading point. Additionally, religious Games were also held here in much the same way that they were in Ancient Olympia. Today, the significance of Delphi is recognized by its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a popular day trip from Athens, visitors can admire the Temple of Apollo amid its stunning setting, as well as the other areas within the archaeological complex. Our Percy Jackson Delphi Tour is designed to help explain the significance of Delphi. It also explains some of the ways in which legend and fact may be intertwined, and give a personalised insight. We'll also describe how these Greek Myths influenced the Percy Jackson books and characters. The kids certainly won't feel left out! If you'd like to find out more, take a look here - Percy Jackson Delphi Tour.

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Athenian treasury in Delphi - credits: PavleMarjanovic/shutterstock

Percy Jackson Temple of Poseidon Tour

In the Percy Jackson books, Poseidon was the father of Percy, and one of the most important Greek Gods. In Greek Mythology, he was also the father of many heroes, but interestingly not Perseus (the hero on whom Percy is based). There are many temples dedicated to Poseidon throughout Greece. None is quite as magnificent as the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. Located on the edge of the sea, the Temple of Poseidon was constructed at one of the most impressive sunset spots in Greece. Remarkably, it has survived the centuries in pretty good condition, leading to it becoming a popular place to visit today. Our half-day Mythological Sunset Tour of the Temple of Poseidon is designed to show the temple at its finest whilst explaining the many Greek myths associated with it. As with all of our Percy Jackson Tours, it has been tailored to compare tales from the books with the real Greek Myths, making it suitable for families with kids. To find out more about the tour, take a look here - Percy Jackson Temple of Poseidon Tour.

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Temple of Poseidon in Sounio - credits: Anastasios71/shutterstock


Percy Jackson Tour of Corinth and Epidaurus

This mythological day trip from Athens visits two archaeological sites at Corinth and the UNESCO site of Epidaurus. Although the other mythological day tours from Athens are perhaps more well known, we think that Percy Jackson fans will appreciate this one the most. There are many Greek myths connected with Corinth and the lesser known Acrocorinth site, all of which you will discover during the tour. After lunch, it is then off to Epidaurus where the incredible theatre has an acoustic quality that defies belief. Again, the myths surrounding this area fit neatly together when combined with stories from Percy Jackson. This make the Corinth and Epidaurus day tour one to remember. To find out more about the tour, take a look here - Percy Jackson Tour of Corinth and Epidaurus.

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Ancient Epidaurus theater, Peloponnese - credits: frenta/depositphotos

Percy Jackson Tour of Nafplion and Mycenae

Our final suggestion for a mythological day tour from Athens, comes in the form of a Nafplion and Mycenae trip. As you may know, Mycenae was the heart of a powerful civilisation that stretched across the Mediterranean. Mycenae is also deeply connected with Greek Mythology and legend. For example, its Kings and Queens were mentioned in the Iliad and the famous war against Troy. The city walls were even said to have been built by the Cyclops! Our day trip to Mycenae will take you for an adventure into Ancient Greece. A time when the Gods were believed to have walked among men. You will discover more myths and legends, compare them from stories from the Percy Jackson books, and explore the UNESCO site of Mycenae with our fun, experienced guide. You will also have the chance to stroll through the streets of Nafplion. This is often considered to be one of the prettiest towns in all of Greece, and home to Venetian fortifications. If your kids have never seen a European castle before, they will certainly enjoy this added extra! To find out more about the tour, take a look here - Percy Jackson Tour of Nafplion and Mycenae.

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Lions' Gate in Mycenae - credits: bloodua/depositphotos

Mythology Tours in Greece

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