If you would like to take a vacation in Greece based on Greek mythology, our Greek Mythology Tour Packages are ideal. Choose from 2 through to 7 day mythology tours in Greece, and experience the wonders of Ancient Greece!

Greek Mythology Vacation Packages

How would you like to discover the myths of ancient Greece whilst visiting incredible UNESCO sites? Our Greek Mythology Tours will take you on a journey into Ancient Greece unlike any other! With four Greek Mythology vacation packages to choose from, you can dive as deep as you like into Greece's past. Whether on our two day package based out of Athens, or our 7 day mythological quest throughout Greece, you can be assured of a unique and memorable experience. Each one of our mythology tours is available as a private tour or as part of a small group. Unlike other tours in Greece, our small groups never number more than 3 or 4 other similar minded families. This gives them an exclusive edge we know our clients prefer.

3-day Percy Jackson Mythology Trip (small group or private)
3 days
Group Type
Small Group, Private

The Percy Jackson Connection

The other thing that sets our Greek Mythology tours apart, is the Percy Jackson connection. Not only do we talk about Greek Mythology and the sites you will be visiting, but also connect the dots with the Percy Jackson books. If your kids are Percy Jackson fans, they'll love discovering how the books were influenced by Greek Mythology, as well as visiting some of the places mentioned in them. Our guides love the chance to explain the 'real myths', but you'll soon find they are huge Percy fans themselves! With an emphasis on friendliness, inclusiveness and interaction, it will feel you are being shown around Greece by a friend. A friend who is an archaeologist and licensed guide with a real passion for their vocation!

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Temple of Poseidon in Sounion - credits: Anastasios71/shutterstock

2 Day Family Mythology Package in Greece

The first Greek Mythology package to consider for your 2019 vacation in Greece is the 2 day tour. Using Athens as a base, this tour is designed to showcase the most prominent archaeological sites in and around the Athens area. During day 1 of the tour, you will visit the Acropolis and Acropolis museum with our expert guide, before heading on to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion to watch the sunset. During day 2 of the tour, you have a couple of options, but we'd suggest making the Delphi tour a priority. At the end of the two days, you will have learned more about Greek Mythology, seen just where the Percy Jackson inspiration came from, and will have visited some incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece. Click here to find out more: 2 Day Family Mythology Package in Greece

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Caryatides, Acropolis of Athens - credits: PavleMarjanovic/shutterstock

3 Day Mythology Trip to Greece

If you have a little longer in the Athens area, the 3 day Greek mythology tour is another great choice. It visits all the places included in the 2 day tour, but on day 3, you also visit Epidaurus, Mycenae and Nafplion. This means you will visit an incredible 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece! During the tour, you will learn of the Oracle at Delphi and the significance of the site. You will also visit Mycenae which was the heart of the advanced Mycenaean civilisation, and Epidaurus where the theatre has incredible acoustics. You can literally hear a whisper on the stage, even when sitting up in the very highest seat. Amazing! Click here to find out more: 3 Day Mythology Trip to Greece

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Temple in Delphi - credits: Todd Kreykes/shutterstock

5 Day Family Greek Mythology Tour

We would recommend the 5 day Mythology package for families that would like to see mainland Greece at a slightly more relaxed pace. It spreads out the 3 day tour mentioned above a little more, and also includes a visit to Ancient Olympia. Ancient Olympia is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you are sports fans. The games held here (and at Delphi) were the inspiration for the modern Olympics, and their legacy is quite literally world changing. As with all our Greek Mythology tours, you will be shown around the site by our fun guide, and you will even have the chance to race each other on a running track that is thousands of years old! Click here to find out more: 5 Day Family Greek Mythology Tour

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Temple of Hera in Olympia - credits: catstail/depositphotos

5-Day Percy Jackson Mythology Trip
5 days
Group Type

7 Day Family Greek Mythology Tour

This really is the ultimate mythological tour package in Greece for 2019! In addition to the activities described in the 5 day package, there's also the addition of two days being show around Crete! The highlight of the Crete visit for Percy Jackson fans is the tour of Knossos. This was thought to be the home of the Minotaur, and played a role in many Greek myths. There is one theory that Knossos was even the Labyrinth itself! The tour then finishes with a trip to the Lassithi Plateau, and some time spent inside the Cave of Zeus. According to Greek Mythology, this is where the infant God Zeus was raised. It seems somehow fitting that the 7 day mythology package in Greece ends where the story began! Click here to find out more: 7 Day Family Greek Mythology Tour

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Palace of Knossos - credits: itlada/shutterstock

7-Day Percy Jackson Mythology Trip
7 days
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