Make 2024 the year you discover more about Greek Mythology by taking a Greek Mythology tour during your vacation in Greece. Combine visiting the main tourist attractions in Greece with insightful, unique tours specifically designed for lovers of Greek Mythology.

Visit Greece in 2024

2024 is set to be another incredible year for tourism in Greece. Visitors from all around the world continue to be drawn in by the great weather, beautiful islands, culture and history. There really is something for everyone in Greece, and in particular lovers of Greek Mythology. We've all heard of some of the stories from Greek Mythology. Nothing quite matches visiting the places mentioned in the myths themselves though. Reading about the Oracle at Delphi is one thing. Actually visiting the ancient site itself is quite another! If you're planning to visit Greece in 2024 and want to include Greek Mythology tours during your vacation, some of the following may be of interest.

3-day Percy Jackson Mythology Trip (small group or private)
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Small Group, Private

About Greek Mythology Tours 2024

Our Greek Mythology tours have been specifically designed to combine insightful guided tours of archaeological sites with tales from Greek Mythology. We've even included elements from the Percy Jackson books that your kids can relate to! Here's some of the most popular Greek Mythology tours for 2024.

Athens Full Day Mythology Tour

For visitors that want to maximise their time in Athens, the Athens full day mythology tour is ideal. Suitable for families or couples alike, a passionate and fun guide will first show you around the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. After lunch, they will then drive you along the Athens Riviera to Cape Sounion. Here, the day will end on a perfect note with a sunset at the Temple of Poseidon. For 2024, the Athens Full Day Mythology Tour will be available both as a private tour and as a small group tour. Families will love the additional Percy Jackson touches. We compare the real Greek Mythology with some of the stories from the Percy Jackson books in a fun and informative manner. Contact our team through the online chat box for more details.

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Acropolis Athens - credits: sborisov/depositphotos

Percy Jackson Delphi Tour

If you can only take one day trip from Athens, we strongly suggest a day tour to Delphi. This UNESCO World Heritage site was once considered to be the very centre of the Ancient Greek world. It was a place of huge religious and cultural significance. It was here that Pythia the Oracle shared her visions with pilgrims, who would use these as the basis to found new colonies, arrange diplomacy or even make war. Our Percy Jackson Delphi Tour offers a different perspective when visiting the site than other tours. We believe that the myths and stories connected with Delphi are as important as the site itself. They give a deeper understanding of Ancient Greek culture and the way of life. As such, you'll discover that Greek Myths have many different levels of meaning, just as the site of Delphi had many different functions. In addition, we've given the Greek Mythology tour of Delphi a Percy Jackson twist the kids will be sure to appreciate. Contact us today for more details!

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Columns of Apollo Temple in Delphi - credits: AlexZi/shutterstock


From Athens: Percy Jackson Delphi Day Trip
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Percy Jackson Olympia Tour

If you have plans to visit the Peloponnese during your 2024 Greek vacation, Ancient Olympia should be high on your list of places to see! Olympia was the home of the original Olympic games thousands of years ago. It was also an important sanctuary and centre of culture in the ancient Greek world. Olympia is best visited from the coastal town of Nafplion in the Peloponnese on a day trip. When you book our Percy Jackson Olympia Tour, we will arrange all the transportation and of course the services of our highly qualified hand-picked guides. During the day, you will have the opportunity to learn about Greek Mythology, their influence on the Percy Jackson books, and their connections with Ancient Olympia. There's even the opportunity to race against each other on the original Olympic running track!

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Temple of Hera in Olympia - credits: catstail/depositphotos


Percy Jackson Vacation Packages

In addition to our individual Greek Mythology day tours, we also have a selection of vacation packages to choose from. These really give you a fuller, immersive experience as we take you on a deep dive into Ancient Greece.

2 Day Family Mythology Package in Greece

Based out of Athens, this 2 day family mythology tour gives a taste of Ancient Greece. It's well suited for families who want to discover more about Greek mythology and visit some major archaeological sites before heading out to the Greek islands for the beaches. Day 1 will see you visit the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. Day 2, there is an option between visiting Delphi, and visiting Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplion. As with all our Greek Mythology tours in 2024, our handpicked guides will be with you every step of the way!

3 Day Mythology Trip to Greece

This 3 day mythology trip to Greece is also based out of Athens, but includes all of the options. Day 1 covers the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum and Temple of Poseidon. Day 2 is day trip to Delphi, and Day 3 is a tour to Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplion. During the 3 days, you will enjoy visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, learning about Greek Mythology, and also discovering more about ancient Greece.

7 Day Family Greek Mythology Tour

The ultimate Greek Mythology tour for families! Visit the major archaeological sites of Greece such as the Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Corinth, Nafplio, Epidavros, Olympia, Knossos and more. It's a full itinerary designed to give the best possible experience when visiting Greece. Leave the planning up to us - we'll make sure you enjoy the trip of a lifetime to Greece in 2019! Would you like to find out more about Greek Mythology tours in 2024? Contact our team today, and we'll help you plan your next vacation in Greece!

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King's Chamber of Knossos, Crete - credits: AntonChygarev/depositphotos