Artemis is one of the Olympian Goddesses in Greek Mythology. She is the Goddess of hunting, the moon, nature, childbirth, chastity, and animals and has a very significant place in the Greek mythological universe.

Artemis in Greek Mythology

As one of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses, Artemis had an important role in Greek Mythology and the lives of ancient Greeks. She was mainly thought of as a huntress and the protector of young girls. Like the other Greek Gods, she also had many other attributes and roles to play though. The daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis is the twin sister of the God Apollo. Like the Goddesses Hestia and Athena, she swore never to marry and remained a virgin.

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Artemis - Attributes and Representations

As a young, beautiful and heroic huntress, she is adorned with a bow and arrow, a tunic and complemented by a dog, horse or other hunting animal. However, when Artemis is representing the moon, she is usually represented by a long white robe and a crown in the shape of the moon. As the Goddess of childbirth, Artemis was known to be a protector to young and newly-born children. She was also a healer and was known to aid sick women who were suffering from disease.

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Artemis - credits: migfoto/depositphotos

What Interesting Children Did She Have?

As a virgin Goddess, Artemis helped others in childbirth but remained child-less throughout her time as a Goddess of Mt. Olympus. She is one of the few Gods and Goddesses from Greek Mythology who did not have children.

What Role Does Artemis Play in the Percy Jackson Books?

Just like with Artemis’s symbolism in Greek mythology, Artemis plays a similar role in the Percy Jackson series. In “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” Artemis, as a protector and aid, helps Percy Jackson and his team of heroes face the manticore. The manticore is an evil monster with a human face, a lion body, and a scorpion tale who assumes the role of Percy Jackson’s teacher, Dr. Thorn. Artemis must then hunt Ophiotaurus but makes a promise to Percy that she will find Annabeth Chase who Dr. Thorn, the manticore, kidnapped. While on this quest for Percy, Artemis is captured by Atlas. He manipulates Artemis to trick Percy and his friends away from finding Annabeth all the while she was holding the sky as it was slowly killing her. Artemis takes to holding the sky in Annabeth’s place instead. As Percy and his friends arrive to rescue Artemis, Percy takes Artemis’s place in holding the sky so that the Greek Goddess could fight Atlas. She eventually manages to defeat Atlas and the heroes return to Mount Olympus. Artemis is seen as fair, truthful, courageous and honest as she defends Percy and his friends on Mount Olympus. She was able to see how these humans were willing to put their lives on the line to save her own.

Temples Dedicated to Artemis

Artemis was a widely worshipped Goddess in Greek Mythology, and she had many temples and festivals dedicated in her honour. One of the most well known, was the temple of Artemis in Ephesus (modern day Turkey). This was classed as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, but was destroyed around the 4th century AD.

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Temple of Artemis in Ephesus Turkey - credits: elenstudio/depositphotos

In Greece, the remains of a temple at Brauron in Attica can be visited, although there is not much left. People interested in seeing the site will have to hire a car in order to reach the site from Athens. Are you planning to visit Greece, and are interested in specialised Greek Mythology Tours? Contact our team today, and we'll help plan the perfect tour in Greece!