Athens is not only the capital of Greece, a city rich in history and breathtaking sights, but also home to many different culinary options and celebrates uniqueness through its traditional dishes. Visitors can sample the authentic gastronomy of this city and choose from a variety of options to suit their tastes and preferences.

There are many things you can do in Athens, but the food is one of the most important things you should try if you want to have an authentic experience.

Athens offers an incredible selection of eateries. From upscale restaurants to cozy taverns with local charm, nothing is left out. You will also be delighted by the numerous street food vendors on the city's bustling streets, allowing you to discover irresistible Greek cuisine on the go.

Without further ado, let’s explore the best places to eat in Athens!

Key Takeaways

  • Athens offers a diverse culinary scene, ranging from fine dining to traditional taverns and street food vendors.
  • Visitors can experience authentic Greek cuisine in various forms, highlighting the essence of Athenian gastronomy.
  • Diners seeking memorable meals with scenic views will find several renowned restaurants in Athens that cater to their preferences.

The Essence of Athenian Cuisine

athens what to eat plaka monastiraki night view

Athens skyline rooftop - Credits: rabbit75_cav/ Canva 

Greek and Athenian cuisine is characterized by a mixture of fresh ingredients and cultures. All these elements create the unique and flavorful traditional Greek cuisine. Athens is a gastronomic paradise! Here you will find a wide variety of flavors and textures. 

The influences of Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine are evident in most cases. The best part about this rich combination of culinary heritage is that Greek food culture is not just about eating, but also about gathering and socializing all together in a table.

The most important elements of Greek cuisine are, above all, the fresh Mediterannean  ingredients. Highlights include olive oil, feta cheese, seafood, meat such as souvlaki and tasty, hearty salads.

There are many different places you can visit to enjoy the different types of food in Athens. Besides the amazing high end restaurants, the taverns and the street food, if you want to have a local's experience, visit the Athens Central Food Market. This open market offers an insight into the unique and vibrant food culture of the Greeks. This is where the heart of Athens beats. Here you can find fresh fish, meat, seasonal fruit and vegetables and sample traditional foods from local vendors.

Athenian cuisine is a harmonious blend of flavors, textures and ingredients that celebrate Greece's Mediterranean abundant. From the bustling markets to the cozy tavernas, Athenian food culture is a testament to the idea that food is more than just nourishment.

Must-Visit Restaurants in Athens

CTC Urban Gastronomy

Located in the center of Athens, CTC Urban Gastronomy offers a unique blend of Greek cuisine and French techniques. The restaurant's menu, features fresh, seasonal ingredients and imaginative dishes.


A modern and elegant restaurant, Cookoovaya offers Greek and Mediterranean dishes with a contemporary flair. This culinary gem is highly praised for its attentive service, innovative menu, and beautiful atmosphere.


Hytra offers an upscale dining experience with breath-taking views of the Acropolis. This exquisite restaurant showcases contemporary Greek cuisine crafted with innovative techniques using local ingredients.


Sample the authentic Greek cuisine and freshest seafood at Delta, an atmospheric restaurant located on the outskirts of Athens. A perfect place for a relaxing and indulgent meal, Delta prides itself on its diverse menu and attentive service.


Showcasing a modern take on Greek cuisine, Soil offers plant-based dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. With an emphasis on sustainability and creative presentation, Soil's menu promises an unforgettable dining journey.


At Zonar's in Athens, you can feel the essence of Greek gastronomy, with a menu that presents delicious mezes, grilled meats and heavenly desserts. Experience the warmth of Greek flavors in every bite while watching the Acropolis.


Located just off the historic Plaka district, Akra features Mediterranean cuisine with Greek influences, presented in a sophisticated and charming setting. Their menu focuses on fresh, seasonal produce and delectable seafood dishes. This restaurant offers a unique experience where the dishes are prepared in front of your eyes. You can witness the entire process step by step.

Must-Visit Taverns in Athens

athens tavernas

Greek tavern, Athens- Credits: FotografiaBasica/ Canva 

The taverns are traditional eateries with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that you should not miss. They serve fantastic home-cooked food and the prices are not high. In many cases, the food is accompanied by live Greek music.


Established in the 1920s, Klimataria is an iconic tavern in Athens, famed for its delicious, home-cooked Greek dishes and live music performances. Expect a lively atmosphere and hearty fare.

Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

Fani’s Karamanlidika serves a variety of cured meats and cheeses, alongside locally sourced ingredients. The tasty dishes and welcoming atmosphere make this restaurant a must-visit taverna in Athens.

Mani Mani

Mani Mani offers a delicious journey through Greek flavors. Located in a charming venue, it presents authentic Greek cuisine with regional specialties prepared with passion and expertise.

Where to Eat in Athens for Authentic Greek Street Food

athens street food

Athens street food - Credits: User32212/ Canva 

Athens is a city where you will find a diverse range of authentic Greek street food to suit the tastes of locals and visitors alike. The vibrant street food scene in Athens offers many delicious options.

Rest assure that you will find the right street food for you in Athens. The diverse range of authentic Greek street food will help you find your favorite street food. The lively street food scene in Athens offers many delicious options.

But what is Greek street food all about? Greek street food includes a wide variety of flavors, like salty and sweet flavors. Souvlaki, gyros, crepes and pies are just some of the things you can try. Even if you want to try a burger or tacos, you can do it the Greek way with fresh Mediterranean ingredients.

For an extensive street food experience, consider visiting not just one, but some of the favorite street food joints of the locals. These places offer a variety of dishes and it's worth exploring different spots to get a true taste of the Athenian street food culture.

When visiting Athens, be sure to sample the incredible variety of flavors at the city's street food offerings. With so many different options, there's something for everyone!

Dining with a View: Athens' Best Restaurants for Scenic Eating

athens rooftop dinner restaurant

Dinner at rooftop Athens - Credits: rabbit75_cav/ Canva 

When visiting Athens, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a meal with a breathtaking view. The city's skyline, with its ancient landmarks and stunning panoramas, offers a unique culinary experience. Here are some of the best restaurants in Athens where you can eat with a view.

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Dinner in the Sky: This unique dining experience is for guests who want to be lifted 50 meters in the air and enjoy their meal with a 360-degree view of Athens. Mediterranean and European dishes are served, while the experience itself is an exhilarating one-of-a-kind adventure.

Kuzina: A Michelin-starred restaurant located on Hadrianou Street, Kuzina boasts stunning views of the Acropolis. The menu changes seasonally, including dishes like savory cheese and tomato dumplings topped with pistachios and pomegranate sauce.

Eleas Gi: This romantic terrace restaurant provides stunning views of the city and a diverse menu of Greek and international dishes. It offers some of the best gastronomic experiences, making it one of the top choices for foodie travelers.

These delightful dining spots provide more than just good food – they offer unforgettable scenic experiences that will leave visitors to Athens with remarkable memories.

Where to Eat in Athens for Special Diets

athens what to eat vegetarian plate

Mediterranean healthy dish, vegan fresh salad - Credits: Natali Alkema/ Canva

When you visit Athens, you can enjoy a variety of delicious food options. However, for those who have special dietary preferences or requirements, finding the right place to eat can be a little tricky. No need to worry – Athens has plenty to offer for those with special dietary requirements. The following restaurants specialize in vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives.

Avocado is a popular vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant found in the city center. Its diverse menu includes dishes like raw lasagna and smoothie bowls that cater to plant-based eaters. Additionally, this eatery offers a selection of gluten-free options, ensuring that all have something to enjoy.

For lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, Mama Tierra is a delightful option for vegetarians and vegans alike. Focusing on fresh, organic ingredients, Mama Tierra offers a variety of delicious dishes such as lentil salad and stuffed vegetables, perfect for a healthy and satisfying meal.

A must-visit spot is Yi Athens.The restaurant caters for different dietary preferences. Vegetarian and vegan guests can enjoy tasty options prepared with creativity and care. Signature dishes often include vibrant salads, delicious mezze platters and inventive main courses that showcase the best of Greek culinary traditions.

As for gluten-free dishes, ask for the menu before you visit so you make sure that they have available the gluten free options.


Athens offers a diverse and tasty food options that is well worth exploring. You'll find a variety of the best restaurants in the city, ranging from traditional Greek cuisine to modern twists on classic dishes. Each area of Athens has its own food culture, so be sure that you will try most of them!

If you're a fan of street food, don't miss the annual Athens Street Food Festival in May, which showcases dishes from all over Europe and is considered one of the most important culinary festivals in Europe.

A few highlights of Athens' food culture include:

  • Traditional Greek dishes: Moussaka, souvlaki, and tzatziki are only a few examples of the delicious cuisine you can find throughout the city.
  • Modern gastronomy: Many restaurants offer innovative takes on classic dishes, demonstrating the creativity of Greek chefs, many of whom are awarded a Michelen star.
  • Street food: From kebabs to gyros, Athens boasts a wide array of tasty treats to satisfy your hunger on-the-go.

To fully immerse yourself in the gastronomy of Athens, you must also appreciate the history and culture of the region in the local dishes. Food has a unique way of connecting people, and taking the time to sample the different flavors. Don’t miss the chance to ask an expert and prepare your trip to Greece so you don’t miss anything.

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To experience Athens, you must not only see the sights, but also taste the city's delicious cuisine. The mix of traditional and modern dishes combined with the lively atmosphere makes for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated restaurants with views of the Acropolis?

There are several restaurants in Athens that offer stunning views of the Acropolis. Some top-rated options include Dinner in the Sky Athens, which elevates diners high above the city for a unique experience, Orizontes, situated on Lycabettus Hill, which overlooks the city of Athens and the Acropolis, and Oinomageiremata, a delicious Greek restaurant in the historic center of Athens that you can easily reach.

Which restaurants in Athens offer the best fine dining experience?

Fine dining in Athens is a serious and unforgettable experience. You can choose between several top-notch restaurants in the city. These include Hytra, which serves contemporary Greek cuisine, Funky Gourmet, known for its innovative dishes, and Varoulko Seaside which is located right by the sea and offers delicious seafood.

Are there any Michelin-starred dining options in Athens?

There are several Michelin-starred restaurants in Athens. These include Hytra, which has one Michelin star and offers modern Greek food, and Funky Gourmet, which has two Michelin stars and offers its guests a creative and innovative dining experience. 

Where can I find the best rooftop dining in Athens?

Athens has several rooftop dining options where you can enjoy the city's views while indulging in delicious food. Popular rooftop restaurants include 360 Cocktail Bar, which offers stunning views of the Acropolis, and A for Athens, a vibrant cocktail bar and restaurant overlooking Monastiraki Square.

What iconic dishes should I try when in Athens?

When in Athens, be sure to sample authentic Greek cuisine, including dishes such as souvlaki, a popular street dish of grilled meat served on skewers, moussaka, a baked eggplant dish with minced meat and béchamel sauce, horiatiki, a classic Greek salad, and spanakopita, a savory pie with spinach and feta cheese. Be sure to sample Greek wines and local ingredients from markets such as the Athens Central Food Market.

At what time is dinner typically served in Athenian restaurants?

In Athens, dinner is typically served later in the evening compared to other European cities. Locals usually have dinner between 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm. However, restaurants and tavernas catering to tourists often offer earlier dining options, starting from 6:00 or 7:00 pm.